GI Show 208: Valiant Hearts, Shovel Knight, 8- And 16-Bit Nostalgia Debate

by Matt Helgeson on Jun 26, 2014 at 02:25 PM

This week we talk about a couple of very unique 2D games, and discuss the phenomenon of retro-game nostalgia and the popularity of 8- and 16-bit aesthetics.

First up is Ubisoft's Valiant Hearts. It might be the creation of one of gaming's largest companies, but Valiant Hearts is as idiosyncratic and heartfelt as any indie game. However, the touching, gorgeous World War I adventure game is not without its flaws, and host Matt Helgeson is joined by reviewer Joe Juba and GI Impulse editor Matt Miller for a discussion of its merits and failings.

In the second segment, Matt is joined by Tim Turi, Jeff Cork, and current Game Informer intern Dimitri Gedevanishvili use Yacht Club Games' excellent Shovel Knight as the jumping off point for a larger discussion about game nostalgia and the currently fashionable 8- and 16-bit design aesthetics that are so prevalent in the indie game scene today.