GI Show 174: Valve's Steam Machines, Visiting The Tokyo Game Show

by Ben Hanson on Sep 26, 2013 at 02:00 PM

From Valve's hardware announcements to the wonders of Tokyo, we cover the big news of the week.

The hype surrounding Valve lately is the biggest story; the reveal of SteamOS and partnering with manufacturers to create Steam Machines mark the first two announcements, with all signs pointing to Friday being a Valve-produced controller reveal. Video producer Ben Hanson (who fills in for regular host Matt Helgeson) is joined by Jeff Cork, Dan Ryckert, and Kyle Hilliard to talk about the potential of Valve invading our living rooms. We then get the nomadic Tim Turi and Kim Wallace to talk about their adventures in Japan while covering the Tokyo Game Show, and they paint a nice picture of this mystical foreign land.