Respec Radio Ep. 41: MMO War Stories

by Adam Biessener on Apr 19, 2013 at 11:30 AM

We promised it forever ago, but Andy McNamara, Adam Biessener, and special guest Robert Johnson of Namco Bandai are finally delivering some of the crazy stories that have taken place in our years playing MMOs.

Andy and Robert have been playing MMOs together since the glory days of EverQuest, and they reminisce about some of the ridiculous things they've done over the years – up to and including camping rare spawns for weeks at a time as a guild. As the host I get in a couple tales of my own (I finally get to tell my favorite-ever story of the Infernal Whisperer on the air), but this week I gladly take a back seat to let the old men tell their tales.

Bumper music this week is the totally classic EverQuest main theme. Enjoy.

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