Respec Radio Ep. 37: Wildstar Dev Interview

by Adam Biessener on Mar 22, 2013 at 11:58 AM

Mike Donatelli and Mike Geldard from Wildstar development studio Carbine join the GI MMO podcast for an informal chat about housing, tabletop role-playing, and space bacon.

Host Adam Biessener grills content director Donatelli and global brand manager Geldard on a variety of topics on their upcoming MMORPG. Things start to get out of hand once anecdotes about high-school tabletop role-playing get busted out, though, and really go off the rails shortly thereafter.

No joke: This is my favorite Respec Radio episode I've done in recent memory. Even if Wildstar doesn't sound like a game for you, I encourage you to listen in.

I said I'd dig up some Wildstar video, but the best thing to do honestly is head to the game's official YouTube channel where you can find trailers, gameplay, and more.

Wildstar comes out later this year; look for a beta announcement soon since the developers have started to let fans go hands-on at PAX East as of today.

For those curious, the music in the podcast is the character select track from Wildstar. Special thanks to publisher NCsoft for sending Donatelli and Geldard out to our offices in the first place and supplying the bumper music as well.

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[Note: The original version of this article incorrectly listed Mike Geldard's name as Matt Geldard. Game Informer regrets the error.]