Respec Radio Ep. 29: Guild Wars 2 With Designer Jonathan Sharp

by Adam Biessener on Apr 10, 2012 at 09:40 AM

Two things make this a very special edition of Respec Radio: our guest, Guild Wars 2 designer Jonathan Sharp of ArenaNet, and the last appearance of Phil Kollar as an editor at Game Informer.

You'll have to do without Andy McNamara's customary ranting this week, but we like to think that Sharp's commentary on every corner of Guild Wars 2 from character creation to the unique event system and the epic "world vs. world" battles that pit entire servers against each other in open world PvP makes up for it.

Check back to gameinformer.com later this week for a video preview of Guild Wars 2 featuring Sharp taking us through a never-before-seen PvP arena and more, and head to the Respec Radio hub or our iTunes RSS feed for more MMO-related snark than any one person really needs.

Happy trails, Phil.