Game Informer Show 91: Minecraft, Mario Kart 7, Online Passes

by Matt Helgeson on Dec 01, 2011 at 01:00 PM

In a free ranging Game Informer Show, we tackle Minecraft, Mario Kart 7, and the debate over online passes. In the first segment, resident Minecraft nuts Adam Biessener, Jeff Marchiafava, and Ben Hanson stop by the studio to ponder what has made this game a unique phenomenon in the world of gaming. Part LEGO, part action/RPG, and all amazing, Minecraft -- which just made it out of a long beta and got an official review from GI -- is something worth talking about. Next up is a less innovative but high quality game: Mario Kart 7. Adam Biessener and Dan Ryckert are lifelong fans of the series, and both think this is one of the strongest entries in the storied kart racing franchise. Finally, Adam and Jeff return, joined by Tim Turi, to talk about the debate surrounding online passes and additional fees to access content in used games. We have a lot of opinions -- come and get 'em. Hosted, as always, by Matt Helgeson.

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