Special Edition Podcast: The Great Zelda Debate

by Matt Helgeson on Sep 07, 2011 at 02:25 PM

UPDATE (September 7, 2011): Earlier this year, GI's most diehard Zelda fanatics got together to debate which game in the series was best (amongst other issues) on the Game Informer Show. We're republishing that special episode today to help prep you for the month of Zelda 25th anniversary coverage that will be hitting alongside our Skyward Sword cover this month. Enjoy and share your feelings on which Zelda is the best in the series in the comments!

For regular podcast listeners, don't worry -- we'll be back tomorrow with our regularly-scheduled edition of the Game Informer Show.

ORIGINAL STORY (April 7, 2011): We decided to take a week off of our regular podcast to present to you our Great Zelda Debate. The idea for this issue started when some GI editors were arguing about what the greatest Zelda game of all time was on Twitter (you know, instead of walking over 10 feet and talking to each other). Host Matt Helgeson dragged the office's biggest Zelda fans (Tim Turi, Phil Kollar, Andy Reiner, Dan Ryckert, and Matt Bertz) into the studio for a spirited conversation about the best and worst Zelda games, how the series has evolved (or failed to evolve) over the years, and some of the significant innovations past Zelda titles brought to our favorite hobby.