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The Game Informer Show Episode 26: Lost Planet 2, 3D Dot Game Heroes

by Matt Helgeson on May 13, 2010 at 12:28 PM

After being hijacked by the rebel forces of Gamer Gorilla Radio, order has been restored and the Game Informer Show is back in the hands of semi-benevolent dicktator Matt Helgeson. In the first segment, we delve deep into Capcom's co-op epic Lost Planet 2, with reviewers Bryan Vore and Andy Reiner letting us know why this is one of the year's most explosive game experiences. Next up is the sure-to-be cult hit 3D Dot Game Heroes, From Software's loving tribute to the days of 8- and 16-bit gaming. Tim Turi, Dan Ryckert, and Ben Reeves are on hand to discuss this Zelda tribute's charming old-school gameplay and unique graphical look. Finally, we have freewheeling discussion of EA's controversial Online Pass program. Matthew Kato, Adam Biessener, and Phil Kollar discuss the Online Pass's implications for sports gamers as well as the industry as a whole. This episode features music by Gayngs off their new album Relayted.

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