WB Hinting At June 7 Game Reveal, Likely Hitman (Update: Logo Found)

by Imran Khan on Jun 04, 2018 at 06:49 PM

Update: Not that it is a galloping shock to anyone, but the WB games official website uploaded a file titled "hitman-logo.png" and is just a logo saying "Hitman 2," courtesy of ResetEra.

The original story is as follows:

With E3 being a frenzy competing for media attention, some publishers have taken to getting ahead of the event with announcements the week before. This seems to include Warner Bros., which is teasing a reveal in 72 hours – and likely not-so-coincidentally, so is IO Interactive's Hitman account.

The tease comes from WB Games' Twitter account, which has started a countdown for Thursday at 10:00 AM. The video clip included shows what appears to be a F1 pit crew and someone suiting up in the pit crew uniform.

The 72 hour timeframe, whether by coincidence or intention, is also the window for elusive targets in Hitman Season 1. WB Games' tweet was followed up by a tweet from IO Interactive's Hitman account, saying the profiles have been uploaded. The video clip mentions that access has been denied until June 7.

After parting ways with Square Enix following the conclusion of the first season of the new Hitman, IO retained the rights to the IP and the game and eventually announced a partnership with Warner Bros. for a Game of the Year edition of the first season and future projects. All signs are pointing to a Hitman reveal coming later this week.


Our Take
I finished Hitman season 1 earlier this year and loved it. I can't wait for a new season, hopefully it gets the time and budget it needs to blow the first season out of the water.