e3 2018

Sony Leads Up To E3 With Daily Announcements

by Imran Khan on Jun 04, 2018 at 06:30 PM

Sony is having a very non-traditional E3 show this year and is continuing breaking traditions by not having a pre-show with smaller announcements and instead spreading those out through the week leading up to the show.

The PlayStation Blog revealed today that the announcements start on June 6 and continue until the day before Sony's presentation by ending on Sunday June 10 at 8:00 AM PT each day. The blog also gave us a few hints over what they might be revealing.

  • Wednesday June 6: New PS4 game with PlayStation VR Support
  • Thursday June 7: Release date for Sony Worldwide Studios title
  • Friday June 8: New PS4 game
  • Saturday June 9: New PSVR game
  • Sunday June 10: A PSVR port of an eagerly anticipated game.

The release date could be a number of different titles, but Sony Worldwide Studios encompasses Sony Bend, which is working on Days Gone; Media Molecule, which is working on Dreams; Polyphony, which is working on Gran Turismo; Sucker Punch, which is working on Ghosts of Tsushima; or the most likely candidate, PixelOpus, which is working on Concrete Genie.

What are your guesses on the other titles?


Our Take
I think ditching the preshow to just roll the news out over the week is a far better idea. Hopefully nothing falls through the cracks in the process, though.