Pocket Rumble

Nostalgia Fighter Pocket Rumble Hitting Switch A Year After Target Date

by Imran Khan on Jun 04, 2018 at 08:06 PM

The Neo Geo Pocket Color-inspired fighting game, Pocket Rumble, is finally hitting a Switch over an entire year after its intended release date.

Originally announced around the Switch presentation that first revealed the system, Pocket Rumble was intended to come around the console's launch in March. It's been a lot of radio silence and notes of assurance from publisher Chucklefish since then, but the game is finally coming out on Nintendo's hybrid console before the end of July.

You can see the update from developer Cardboard Robot Games in this video uploaded to their YouTube channel below.

In the meantime, the Steam Early Access version of the game will get the bulk of the content as Cardboard Robot experiments with new things to add. That content will then get added to the Switch version at a later date. Additionally, Kickstarter backers of the game are getting free Switch keys as an apology for the long wait.