Mega Man X-Inspired Rogue-Lite 20XX Coming To Consoles

by Imran Khan on May 25, 2018 at 05:07 PM

20XX, a platformer rogue-lite that draws heavily from Capcom's Mega Man X series, is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch this July.

The platformer launched on Steam Early Access in 2014 and has since been built upon by developers at BatteryStaple and Fire Hose Games. 20XX hit version 1.0 late last year and the focus has been getting the game on to consoles since then. The title takes Mega Man X's platforming gameplay and inserts it into pre-designed chunks that are stitched together, similar to something like Rogue Legacy.

For Mega Man X fans, it's a fun little title that puts a new spin on that game's formula. You can check out a trailer of the game below.

The DLC of the PC version, a distinct playable character known as Hawk, will be included within the console release. The console versions will also support two-player co-op in both local and online forms when it releases on July 10.


Our Take
I enjoyed this game on PC, but never got much chance to play it co-op. Hopefully there'll be more players with a console release.