The Sims 4 Reveals New Expansion Seasons

by Imran Khan on May 24, 2018 at 12:00 PM

EA and Maxis have announced a new expansion for The Sims 4, appropriately titled The Sims 4 Seasons, launching next month on PC and Mac.

Much like the similarly titled expansion for the previous game, the new update adds seasons to the game with each one having unique traits and features. The Spring season brings sun and rain in equal measures, people pull out the kiddie pools in Summer, the leaves change colors in the Fall, and Winter is time for snowmen without people needing to ask you if you want to build one through your door. 

Each season also has its own holidays, like ringing in the new year in winter or celebrate a Valentine's Day analogue called Love Day. New activities, like floral arranging, help pave the way for a botany career path that examines, studies, and make groundbreaking discovery in the, uh, field of plant study.

The expansion arrives on June 22 for PC and Mac copies of The Sims 4.