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Nintendo Selling Cheaper, Dock-Free Switch In Japan

by Imran Khan on May 24, 2018 at 02:35 PM

If you're in need of a Switch but only as a handheld without the frivolities of a dock, HDMI cable, or, uh, a charging cable, then Nintendo has you covered in Japan.

Advertised as a second Switch for existing owners, the dock-free version comes with the Switch unit, two neon Joycons, and two joycon straps. What this means is, if you bought the dock-less Switch, there would be no way out of the box to obviously dock it to a TV, but also no way to charge it. This in itself is not super rare, as Nintendo has released consoles and handhelds without AC cables before in Japan (and recently internationally).

Nintendo seems keen in the Japanese page to point out that the Switch is meant for people who already own a unit, lest you think it subverts the company's marketing as a system that can be played on your TV or outside. The peripheral-lite version of the Switch will run you ¥24,980 or about $229. If you got this package and decided you wanted a dock, HDMI, and charging cable after, going from Nintendo of America store listings, it would be about $89.99 extra, not really saving you that much money to go piecemeal.

For those interested and in Japan, though, a cheaper Switch is indeed an option. Just make sure you know for sure any charging cable you use is certified to work and not damage your Switch.


Our Take
With Smash Bros. coming this year and rumors of Pokemon on the way, I kind of wonder if this is Nintendo stripping out whatever they can to get the system cheaper to help make multiple Switches more attractive to families that, say, have multiple children.