Mike Bithell Announces Another Short-Form Game, Quarantine Circular

by Imran Khan on May 22, 2018 at 12:27 PM

Following up on the success of Subsurface Circular, Bithell Games has announced a new title in the same vein, Quarantine Circular.

Mike Bithell, developer of games like Thomas Was Alone and the single-sitting title Subsurface Circular, has been hard at work to somewhat of a follow-up to the game. Thus arrives Quarantine Circular, establishing Circular as less of a series and more of an anthology of sci-fi games that can be completed in a few hours.

"Many, many, adults reached out to us about Subsurface Circular and expressed how happy they were that they could sit down and complete a game after a long day at work or in the few hours they had to themselves after putting the kids to bed," Bithell said.

Quarantine Circular differs in that the game has multiple endings and multiple active characters, so your choices have a much greater influence on the narrative. The sci-fi text adventure nature of the game will be of particular interest to fans of Bithell's style of writing, as well. The title is available right now on Steam for the same price as Subsurface Circular.

[Source: Mike Bithell Twitter]


Our Take
I quite like these single-session games and am interested in trying more, especially since Subsurface Circular was so intriguing.