Fortnite To Hit Android This Summer, New Improvements For Mobile Version

by Imran Khan on May 18, 2018 at 12:55 PM

Fortnite has been playable on the iOS for a number of weeks now, much to the frustration of high school teachers everywhere, but the next big platform for the game will thankfully come during the summer.

While no more specific date has been given from Epic in this blog post, the Android version is rolling in all the mobile updates that being tinkered with on iOS now. For example, Fortnite on mobile will allow players to change up the HUD to their liking to make the game more comfortable to play while hiding it from your teacher, boss, or other authority figure.

What can't be hidden, at least not well, is the addition of voice chat to the mobile versions of the game. Being able to talk with teams is an important part of the game on PC and console, but has been missing thus far from the iOS version. Epic is working on implementing it into the game, along with a crucial on-screen mute button, and will allow all versions to talk to each other.

There's no date yet for voice chat, either, but it should presumably launch by the time the Android version comes out. Stat tracking will also be coming to mobile soon, as well, as Epic tries to move the mobile version to be as full-featured as the other platforms.

[Source: Epic Games]


Our Take
Fortnite mobile has taken off in a way that some people prefer playing it on their iPhone or iPad over other versions. It's good that people who like using it can employ voice chat when they need it, and it's also good that there's a button to just mute the mic or other people immediately.