Grand Theft Auto V Has Sold 95 Million Copies

by Imran Khan on May 16, 2018 at 08:55 PM

In the past quarter, Grand Theft Auto V has sold five million copies, according to Take Two's latest financial report. That puts the Rockstar (in multiple meanings of the word) game up to 95 million copies sold.

The game handily cleared the bar of best selling game in U.S. history last November and has just been adding on since then. The new number makes it a virtual guarantee that the game will sell 100 million copies before the end of 2018. Take Two is also leveraging the success of GTA Online with the recently released Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Edition, which is the game plus some extra in-game cash.

To hop up one more place on the best selling game list, GTAV would have to sell just under 50 million more copies and surmount Minecraft.

[Source: Take-Two]


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At some point I wonder how many more people that are that could reasonably buy the game.