People Can Fly Opening New Studios For Square Enix Shooter

by Imran Khan on May 15, 2018 at 08:56 PM

While People Can Fly announced their partnership with Square Enix last year, the Polish developer announced a studio expansion today for its AAA shooter.

The developer is expanding into the United Kingdom in hopes of picking up talent in the area that isn't keen on moving all the way to Poland to work on the new game. The new studio brings the developer count for the Painkiller developer up to 150, presumably most if not all working on the previously announced Square Enix title.

People Can Fly was purchased by Epic Games in 2015, having worked on titles like Gears of War: Judgment under the company while being rebranded as Epic Games Poland. In 2014, the studio announced that they had bought themselves back from Epic and were taking on their old name and logo.

[Source: PCGamer]


Our Take
I was quite the fan of Bulletstorm, so I hope whatever People Can Fly is working on maintains their standards of taking the FPS genre not too seriously but very, very aggressively.