Stardew Valley Coming To Vita This Month

by Matt Miller on May 14, 2018 at 11:28 AM

Stardew Valley has done well both commercially and critically on the platforms it has already released on, and there is no reason to believe its arrival on Vita would do anything but extend the string of successes. Chucklefish today revealed the game will come to the Sony handheld on May 22. 

In addition, we learned that the game will support cross-buy, meaning that players who own Stardew Valley on PS4 will be able to download a copy on their Vita and take their farming adventures on the road. In addition, Chucklefish revealed that the 1.3 multiplayer update for the game won’t be available on PS Vita, but it will be coming to PS4. 

For more about Stardew Valley, check out our original review of the PC version, and a more recent look at the Switch version of the game. 


Our Take
Stardew Valley is a particular favorite for many of the Game Informer editors. While the Vita library hasn’t developed the library that many fans might have wanted, Stardew Valley is a nice addition, as the game is ideal for playing in short chunks while traveling away from home.