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'SuperHot JP' Is A New Entry In The Slow-Motion Puzzle-Shooter Series Set In Japan

by Suriel Vazquez on May 13, 2018 at 12:00 PM

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GameTomo, a Japanese indie game developer and publisher, has announced it's working on "Superhot JP," a series spin-off set in Japan.

Although Superhot Team worked on the first and VR titles in the series, that team is only guiding the development of JP, which GameTomo itself is developing. "Superhot JP" is a tentative title, but it's an apt descriptor for the game, which GameTomo says is a new entry in the series "using Japanese environments, from samurai castles and hot springs to karaoke bars and bullet trains," on the game's official page.

Whatever its name ends up being, JP is standalone release which GameTomo says will comprise of about 15-18 levels, as well as 3-4 endless levels. It will include new weapons, see-through shoji doors, and "some other surprises..." Though it's currently only slated for release in Japan right now, GameTomo says it could possibly release the game worldwide.


Our Take
Superhot is a great concept, and while I've had my ups and downs with the series, I'm up for another adventure with its unique slow-motion gameplay. I'm curious what kinds of twists GameTomo has in store for fans.