Bethesda Does More Teasing For Rage 2

by Imran Khan on May 10, 2018 at 02:20 PM

In light of a recent retail listing leak that exposed Rage 2, Bethesda has been having fun, and has now decided to just openly tease the game.

A context-free tweet on Bethesda's Twitter account shows a picture of Big Ben smeared with the same pink paint from the Rage account's Wal-Mart call out tweet from yesterday. The images used a strange Anarchy symbol that puzzled many, but the color matches the clock face in Bethesda's tweet.

The time on Big Ben shows 5:14, indicating a possible 5/14 reveal for the game. The use of Big Ben is also curious, as UK-based developer Rebellion very conspicuously responded to yesterday's Rage tweet with a clapping emoji.



Bethesda's E3 showcase takes place on Sunday June 10 at 6:30 PM PT.


Our Take
May 14 is Monday, so we'll probably know by then if Bethesda's teasing is amounting to something. If Bethesda is also producing a sequel to Doom, then Id is likely busy with that, so Rebellion as a developer for Rage 2 would make sense.