Nintendo Reveals Official Switch Charging Stand

by Imran Khan on May 09, 2018 at 08:26 PM

The inability to charge the Switch when using the built-in kickstand has long annoyed people who wish to play the game with the joycons detached but also charge the system's sometimes fast-draining battery. Nintendo now has an official solution to the problem, for a price.

The problem with the Switch's kickstand solution is that the way the Switch rests on the bottom part, which blocks the USB-C charging port. To fix this, Nintendo has announced a charging stand that is different from the Switch's HDMI-out dock but very similar to the Wii U's tablet stand. With the charging dock, you can bring your Switch to roof parties and play multiplayer while also charging, assuming your roof party has an outlet.

The new Switch dock goes on sale July 13, the same date as Octopath Traveler and Captain Toad, and retails for $19.99. Nintendo's E3 showcase airs on June 12 at 9:00 AM PT.


Our Take
This looks like it would tip over very easily, but unless it comes with a cable, that also seems like a lot of money for a USB-C passthrough. Then again, a lot of Switch accessories are expensive, and this is useful for people who have a need for it, like people who want to play a Switch while laying down with a joycon in each hand.