Han Solo Season For Star Wars Battlefront II Introduces New Modes

by Matthew Kato on May 09, 2018 at 10:59 AM

After having redesigned and relaunched its progression system; EA has announced a Han Solo season of content starting May 16 in advance of the Solo: A Star Wars Story movie hitting theaters in wide release on May 25.

The new content is set in the original trilogy first before unveiling content "inspired" by the movie later in June.

New locations in Jabba's palace (map snapshots below), a new Hero Showdown mode, Legendary appearances for Lando (skiff guard) and Leia (Boushh) that cost crystals or credits, and a Starfighter custom arcade mode are a few of the season's highlights announced by EA to kick things off, with more coming after the movie comes out.

  • Hero Showdown is a 2v2, five-round elimination mode debuting alongside the Solo season where the winners of the round have to choose new heroes while the losers are free to pick whomever they want.
  • Starfighter Custom Arcade lets you try out all the ships against the A.I.
  • Also coming in the season are menu updates and the ability to spend skill points between rounds.

For more info on the Solo season, check out the official webpages below.

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