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Bethesda Tacitly Acknowledges Rage 2 Leak On Twitter

by Imran Khan on May 09, 2018 at 05:46 PM

If you're a company hoping for E3 surprises and Wal-Mart Canada just ruined your day, you might be in a sour mood. Bethesda, however, is taking it in stride.

With Rage 2 possibly on the horizon, the official Rage Twitter account – which has sat dormant since the series was originally relevant with the first game's release in 2011 – decided to have some fun with Wal-Mart's supposed leak. In a tweet with various pictures, the account poked holes in the barebones placeholder listing by pointing out all the things that are wrong with it an extremely pedantic fashion.

To which the Bethesda account simply tweeted in reply "Dude."



Bethesda's E3 showcase takes place on Sunday June 10 at 6:30 PM PT.


Our Take
Acknowledging the leak seems like they're using it as a springboard for an announcement. This is probably the smart way to handle it, but it does lend a lot of credibility to that leak, which is probably not great for the publishers who want to just keep their heads down and ignore it until E3.