Thanos In Fortnite Has Already Been Nerfed

by Imran Khan on May 08, 2018 at 12:24 PM

The Infinity War Thanos event in Fortnite has only been live for a few hours, but Epic is already fixing power problems they see with the mad emperor god.

In a post on the Fortnite subreddit, Epic confirmed a few changes for Thanos already. 

  • Shield cap decreased from 300 to 200.
  • Max Health increased from 700 to 800.
  • Laser damage vs. players decreased from 15 to 12.

It's not a world-changing nerf, but it does make it so that someone having the infinity gauntlet doesn't make it impossible to fight back at all. Though when you're talking about universe-ending powers, anything to make it more fair is going to be a pretty heavy nerf.

The Infinity War/Fortnite mashup is time-limited and went live today, so if you want to play as Thanos, you better get to it.


Our Take
Fun isn't something one considers when balancing a multiplayer game, but this... does put a smile on my face.