Dota 2 Battle Pass Brings New Modes And Other Cool Stuff

by Imran Khan on May 08, 2018 at 05:49 PM

Valve has revealed the Dota 2 battle pass for 2018's International, boasting two new modes and a number of small things for the hardcore Dota 2 player.

The battle pass is an item sold to Dota 2 players that gives them access to exclusive features and rewards, with 25% of the proceeds going toward the prize pool for The International tournament. This year, a multi-team dungeon clash titled The Underhollow tasks you to earn XP and Gold in the pursuit of Roshan's rarest cheese. There is also Cavern Crawl, in which you descend floors of a cavern as you win matches, and Mutation Mode, which sets different modifiers for matches every day like resurrecting allies or global Rupture.

In addition, battle pass owners can get chat wheel sprays, tokens to access the special Team Challenge matches, get new custom lane creeps, access to in-game tipping, make pro-circuit predictions, and be able to take part in the new role-based matchmaking queue. 

The International 2018 is taking place in Vancouver, Canada for the first time on August 15.


Our Take
Dota fans have been asking for some revamping to the battle pass for a while, so I'm curious to see how they take to this year's incarnation.