Eddie Rigs, Shovel Knight, And Charles Martinet Playable In Runner 3

by Imran Khan on May 07, 2018 at 05:57 PM

Runner 3, the third game in the series that started as Bit.Trip Runner, features a number of guest characters like Eddie Rigs from Brutal Legend, Shovel Knight, and actor most commonly known as the voice of Mario, Charles Martinet.

Shovel Knight is basically serving his role as the unofficial mascot of indie games as he makes his obligate appearance in every indie game under the sun. Eddie Riggs is making a rare appearance outside of his game, the Double Fine-developed Brutal Legend, though it is unclear if he's still voiced by Jack Black.

The final character is Charles Martinet, an actor and voice actor. Martinet famous voices every member of Nintendo's overall brigade, including Mario, Luigi, Waluigi, and Wario. More crucially, he was also the narrator in the last Runner game, so it seems he's jumping into the fun this time.

Runner 3 releases on Switch and PC on May 22.


Our Take
Shovel Knight is a little overplayed as a cameo at this point, but you definitely can't argue with some of the other choices there. Even saying that, I bet I still play as Shovel Knight, anyway.