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Nintendo Changing Development Structure To Have Executive Board Greenlight Games

by Imran Khan on May 02, 2018 at 02:59 PM

In an interview with Japanese newspaper Nikkei, incoming Nintendo CEO Shuntaro Furukawa explained how he is going to be changing things up with Nintendo's structure.

One major change being made is the way video games are given the go-ahead within Nintendo. While Furukawa didn't detail how it currently works, the new Nintendo head is changing it so the executive board looks at game ideas and makes the decision on whether it makes sense to proceed. Furukawa explained that he will make the final decision on how the game benefits the company.

The board will consist of five people, Furukawa included, consisting of developers and Nintendo executives. It is likely that Yoshiaki Koizumi, director of games like Super Mario Galaxy and architect of the Switch, is one of the five considering his recent promotion to Nintendo's executive board of directors.

Despite not detailing how the process currently works at Nintendo, Furukawa did imply that the current process goes through far too many people, and the change is to try and make it more efficient and give more games a chance.

[Source: Nikkei]


Our Take
It's an interesting change, though I suppose how well it works out depends on who is actually on that panel. It's a smart way for Nintendo to modernize, though, and start handing over operations to the next generation.