Is Fortnite Already Teasing Season 5 Content?

by Andrew Reiner on May 02, 2018 at 01:29 PM

Thanks to a bevy of visual teases leading up to Fortnite's fourth season, Battle Royale players are now conditioned to scour the map for secrets. Along with the comet debris, which destroyed a number of homes and areas on the map, players are focusing on one anomaly in particular: a gigantic dinosaur footprint where a building once stood between Snobby Shores and Greasy Grove.

Is this singular footprint a tease for more Season 4 content, or perhaps even Season 5? We don't think so. The theme of Season 4 appears to be motion pictures. The new costumes look a little bit like superheroes, the new story in Save the World mode is called "Blockbuster," and if you examine the site of the footprint closely, you'll see a movie set, complete with a camera. The Rex outfit (which is basically a Godzilla-like skin) was also recently reissued. Odds are, the dino doesn't point toward new content (or anything to do with Season 5), but we wouldn't put it past Epic to have already planted those seeds elsewhere on the map.

The beauty of continuing games like Fortnite is developers can change or add content whenever they want. The comet appearing unexpectedly is the perfect example of this. Season 4 ends in roughly 70 days. Do you think the dino footprint represents anything, or is Epic getting into the game of misdirection now?