Disgaea 5 PC Delayed To Summer

by Imran Khan on May 02, 2018 at 08:39 PM

A week before release, NISA has delayed Disgaea 5 Complete's PC release.

NISA sent out an email today delaying the game to an indefinite date in Summer of this year, mostly notable as the title was scheduled for release on May 7. The same title was released last year on Switch and in 2015 on PlayStation 4. The PC version was part of NISA's initiative to try and get their games on to PC after finding success with ports like the original Disgaea.

The delay comes a day after a strange set of circumstances with the game's demo. As part of an Alienware promotion, codes were given out for a demo of the game purported to be its first chapter. After getting to the second chapter, players started reporting on social media that the demo had a situation similar to Yakuza 6 where it was actually the full game, but then the demo closed after the third chapter. It was an odd situation but not completely strange.

It took a stranger turn today where, hours before the delay was announced, NISA quietly revoked the licenses of all the demos with no explanation. It is not clear if the revocation is part of the delay or it mistakenly offering more content than advertised.

Disgaea 5 Complete is now scheduled for summer 2018, a date which the website does not reflect yet.


Our Take
It's a disappointing delay, but abrupt delays seem to be kind of commonplace for NISA these days. Maybe they want to avoid another Ys VIII situation where the PC port isn't up to snuff, but a week before release seems to be cutting it kind of close. It is also possible the demo raised some alarms on something that had to be fixed immediately.