PlayStation 2 Games Join PlayStation Now

by Imran Khan on May 01, 2018 at 06:33 PM

PlayStation Now, Sony's streaming cloud-based gaming service, has added select PlayStation 2 games to its repertoire.

The addition of PS2 games was announced today, confirming that these are similar to the buy-and-download PS2 Classics already on PlayStation 4, which feature updated resolution and trophy support. So fans that want to replay the games by going for every trophy can do so without downloading.

The games added this week are Ape Escape 2, the ape-capturing Sony adventure-platformer; Dark Cloud 2, Level-5's more Zelda-like follow up to the PS2 launch game; and Hot Shots Tennis, the tennis spinoff of the popular Hot Shots Golf series. 

As with other PSNow games, save data can be saved locally or uploaded to the cloud and downloaded on other systems.

[Source: PSBlog]


Our Take
I think Sony sees PSNow as a venue to address backwards compatibility on the PlayStation 4, but that's a bit of a struggle with how many great games are on the PS2. I wonder if this allows them to increase the pace at which PS2 games come to the service.