Mega Man X And Mega Man II Classic Cartridges Announced

by Imran Khan on May 01, 2018 at 10:00 AM

It's Mega Man's 30th anniversary and Capcom isn't celebrating with just Mega Man 11. The blue bomber's parent company is also teaming up with iam8bit to produce classic cartridges and fan packages for Mega Man II and Mega Man X.

The two cartridges are totally playable on NTSC NES systems for Mega Man II and SNES for Mega Man X. Both packages are limited to 8500 copies each and come with a premium box, and instruction booklet, and surprises like retro art in the packaging. Additionally, one in eight copies randomly chosen will get a glow in the dark cartridge instead.

Check out a trailer of the cartridges below.

Preorders are live right now at iam8bit's store. You had best hurry if you want it, though, this is one that will probably only get in the hands of the fastest fans. Look at a few screens of the packages below.


Our Take
I'm loving the Mega Man X one, though honestly I want both. Hopefully they can do more games, but they definitely chose two of the best games to do this with.