Nintendo Announces Mobile Game Partnership With Cygames, Co-Developing RPG Dragalia Lost

by Imran Khan on Apr 26, 2018 at 06:31 PM

As part of Nintendo's annual results, the company has announced that their mobile game pursuits will now be in partnership with Cygames, the company behind the wildly successful Granblue Fantasy.

The first game co-developed between the two companies is an action RPG called Draglia Lost. Not much is known beyond the single piece of art released, but Nintendo has said it should be arriving in Japan this summer and everywhere else shortly after.

Also as part of this announcement, Nintendo has confirmed that they have purchased 5% of Cygames' stocks. This puts Nintendo in the kind of odd position of being a 5% owner of a company that is publishing a PlatinumGames PlayStation 4 title based on Cygames' IP. Mobile publisher DeNA, Nintendo's other mobile game partner, owns nearly a quarter of Cygames as well.

Granblue Fantasy, while playable in English through its browser version, has never officially released on mobile phones in America. The game has a lineage of Final Fantasy staff, artists, composers, and designers and has over ten million downloads in Japan. There is also an anime series based on the game.

Dragalia Lost makes the second of two announced mobile titles from Nintendo still yet to be shown, the other being Mario Kart Tour.

[Source: Nintendo]


Our Take
I am curious if the relationship with DeNA hasn't worked out or if Nintendo is gathering various high-profile mobile game producers to try different things. Cygames is a big one, to be sure.