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George R. R. Martin Confirms The Winds Of Winter Novel Won't Make 2018

by Imran Khan on Apr 25, 2018 at 03:08 PM

Waiting is something that A Song of Ice and Fire fans are probably pretty used to by now, so hopefully people won't be too disappointed or shocked at the news that The Winds of Winter has been confirmed to come in 2019 at the earliest.

Martin confirmed the news on his blog today, couched in an exhaustive description of his other current project, Fire & Blood. That book, which Martin insists is very much not a novel, has a publishing date of November 20. This means, as most had already assumed, the Game of Thrones TV show is very likely to finish filming before the final source material releases.

The Winds of Winter will be the first installment of the series in about eight years with the first book having been released in 1996.

[Source: George R. R. Martin Blog via The Hollywood Reporter]