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Netflix's The Witcher TV Series To Have Eight Episodes, Likely Premiering In 2020

by Elise Favis on Apr 22, 2018 at 10:50 AM

Last year, it was announced that a Netflix adaptation of The Witcher series is in the works. Little detail was given at the time, but recently show writer Lauren S. Hissrich (who has written for Netflix's Daredevil and The Defenders) shed some light on its release window and length.

Following a Netflix event in Rome, Hissrich took to Twitter to reveal more information. First, she says that the first season will consist of eight episodes and that this is best for its creative direction. "The episodes can be tight, action-packed, rich in character and story, without lagging in the middle of the season," she says. 

Secondly, she hints that 2020 is the year that the series could premiere, though it still sounds like a big maybe. "2020. Who knows?! We're moving quickly ahead with everything -- like, my head is spinning around Exorcist-style, except with enthusiasm, not evil possession -- but one thing is certain: quality comes before speed. You'll get it as soon as humanly possible, and it'll be good."

She says that the script needs to be polished and that it isn't fully written. The pilot has been written, but the team has not yet done casting or shooting. New writers will soon be joining the staff to help Hissrich bring the series to life. When shooting begins, it'll occur in Eastern Europe. "This show couldn't exist any place else. Period," she says.

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