World Of Demons, DeNA And PlatinumGames Partnership, Announced For Mobile

by Imran Khan on Apr 18, 2018 at 12:00 PM

Mobile game publisher DeNA and PlatinumGames have announced a new action title for Android and iOS called World of Demons.

DeNA describes the game as the culmination of three years of work built on the core foundational idea of getting Platinum's trademark action gameplay functioning on a mobile phone. Despite the touch-based controls, World of Demons is intended to be a Platinum action title in every way equivalent to their past games, with full 3D movement via a virtual analog stick and variable attacks for combos.

You can check out the first trailer for the game below.

The concept of the game, as PlatinumGames explained to us, is pretty simple: Samurai vs. Yokai, the monsters, demons, and spirits that make up Japanese folklore. This was done for practicality's sake, letting the characters use weapons like swords and naginatas that translate well to swipe-based attacks, but also functions as something distinctly Japanese that can be internationally understood. 

This also means the game coincidentally looks a lot like Okami, which was coincidentally made by PlatinumGames' proto-studio within Capcom, Clover Studios. Battles aren't dissimilar from Okami, either, taking place in closed arenas with fast dodging around enemies and occasionally larger boss fights. The two current characters, a samurai swordsman and a naginata-wielding priestess, have different fighting styles for players to toy and experiment with.

Players have a random chance to get most yokai they defeat as partners who they can bring into battle with them. Having a yokai partner confers special powers, like increased stats, and activating them in battle can provide buffs like faster attacks and stronger defenses. The idea is that players are able to take on tougher enemies without grinding out better equipment with strategic yokai use.

Multiplayer in the game is asynchronous, with your characters visiting friends to either help out or act as an opponent for extra rewards.

The title is free to download, but has in-app purchases. DeNA said they have not quite finalized the economic model yet, so they were not sure what form it would take. There are, however, planned to be content updates for the game that aren't going to cost players, like new stages, challenges, enemies, and characters.

World of Demons is releasing this summer on iOS and requires at least an iPhone 6 to play. The game will be coming to Android sometime later this year.