God Of War Soundtrack Gets Early Release On Spotify

by Imran Khan on Apr 16, 2018 at 08:33 PM

The soundtrack for the upcoming God of War is available early on Spotify for people who want a taste of the music before the game's release this Friday.

The music for the game is composed by Bear McCreary, who also composed TV shows Battlestar GalacticaThe Walking Dead,  and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

McCreary gave an interview with PSBlog about composing the soundtrack for the game, saying "As I collaborated with game director Cory Barlog, it became clear that this new game would require wholly new music that did not revisit the memorable scores of the original games, but instead ventured forth into new musical territory. I took my memories of that classic God of War soundtrack – the deep choirs, pounding drums, and shrieking brass – and reinvented them for a Norse age. I wrote new themes, and introduced to the music exotic instrumentation and languages from various Northern European folk traditions."

You can go ahead and start listening to the soundtrack now with Spotify.

God of War releases exclusively on PlayStation 4 on April 20. You can read our review of the game, where Joe Juba calls it "one of the best games of this generation," right here.