Homecoming Marks New Beginning For Gwent

by Jon Bowman on Apr 13, 2018 at 12:07 PM

Marcin Iwiński, the co-founder and joint CEO of CD Projekt Red, announced that they will spend the next six months focusing on Gwent Homecoming, a development cycle that will end the beta period for Gwent and move into a full-fledged launch. Along with two major updates planned for April and May, Gwent Homecoming will conclude with the launch of Thronebreaker, a new single-player campaign that ties even further into the story of the Witcher world. You can find all of the information on Gwent Homecoming on Gwent's website, but here are some of the key pillars that Iwiński has outlined.

  • Upgrading the board into a battlefield – CD Projekt Red will be upgrading both the visual style of the board itself and emphasizing the roles of rows.
  • All about the players – From new players to seasoned veterans, more emphasis will be placed on the player experience, from tutorials to a revised ranked mode to a redesign of the Create mechanic.
  • Thronebreaker – The development team has been hard at work creating a single-player story that brings a tale filled with the rich lore of the Witcher franchise.


Our Take
Transparency like this is never a bad move, especially as a developer grinds towards ending a beta and moving onto a full release. CD Projekt Red has been working on the Witcher franchise for over a decade and while the tale of Geralt may have come to a close, games like Gwent could give the studio plenty of opportunity to continue building the lore and the community for years to come.