God Of War Creative Director Cory Barlog Wants To Helm A New Project Next

by Joey Thurmond on Apr 13, 2018 at 05:46 PM

In an impromptu interview with God of War's Cory Barlog, Ralph from the YouTube channel Skill Up got to casually chat with the creative director. He gauges the creative director's reactions to the press' praises for the game and how Barlog pressed forward with development, but one of the most interesting pieces of information is near the tail end of the video.

Barlog says that he plans to take a long sabbatical with his family after all of the press events die down, but as for his next steps in the industry, he hopes to create an IP from scratch as a creative director once again. "I'd love to create something of my own. Something that is truly coming from my original vision," he said. "That would be awesome. We'll have to see if I can convince Sony of that one."

Just as Ralph said, we don't think Sony will push back on Barlog's wishes that much, and you can see why in our glowing review of God of War by Joe Juba. You can also watch us play the introduction of God of War II with his commentary as well.

[Source: "Joule" from Reset Era]


Our Take
I'm utterly ecstatic to play God of War next week. I've been playing through the whole series over the past couple months and was hoping the new directions the soft reboot was going in would pay off, and indeed, they have. While I hope Barlog does take his time before jumping back into game development for a well-deserved break with his family, I'm looking forward to any endeavors he might be behind next, whether that be the next God of War or a new IP entirely.