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Sam Fisher Teams Up For New PvE Mission In Ghost Recon: Wildlands

by Robbie Key on Apr 09, 2018 at 12:50 PM

Update: Ubisoft recently unveiled its plans for Year 2 of Ghost Recon: Wildlands with new classes, special operations, modes, and more. With the first round of content around the corner, the publisher isn't playing around with Sam Fisher joining the foray to show the Ghosts how its done.

The grizzled espionage veteran will be tasked in assisting and guiding the Ghosts in their toughest mission yet, so there's an angle of cooperation and precision here that hasn't been seen before to this degree. You're able to play solo or with up to four friends April 10, but unlike most evolving content for games, this will be sticking around. Only the rewards will last until May 16 upon completing the PvE mission, which include Fisher's solar goggles with a night-vision filter and a Fourth Echelon gear pack. Players are also be able to purchase the Splinter Cell gear pack, which comes with the Karambit knife (from Splinter Cell Blacklist), the SC 4000 assault rifle, and more.

A member of Fisher's Fourth Echelon team is joining the Ghosts' ranks as well. The Echelon assault class has a Sonar Pulse ability that allows the player to see behind walls from a short range and has access to high-tech equipment.

For those who are interested in Ghost Recon: Wildlands, the full game will be available from April 12 to 15 for free, and you can play through the entire campaign and whatever your heart desires during that time frame. Your progress will be saved should you purchase the game down the line, but this weekend is as good as ever with discounts on the game. The Gold edition (with the season pass) will be 67 percent off, whereas the standard and deluxe version will be discounted by 60 percent. The season pass on its own will be 50 percent off.

You can watch a trailer for the upcoming event below.

Original Story (04/06/18): Splinter Cell fans have clamored to see more Sam Fisher since 2013's Splinter Cell: Blacklist, and they might finally get their fill – kind of.

A teaser for Ghost Recon: Wildlands titled "The Call – Special Operation Teaser" reveals that Fisher – or at least someone who looks and sounds an awful lot like him – is set to appear in an upcoming event. After a CIA leak, Fisher is sent to Bolivia to investigate. He believes the mission requires more firepower in the form of the Ghost Recon team's assistance.

Ubisoft says more details on the event will be revealed Monday.


Our Take
It's interesting Ubisoft would have this event two months away from E3. Ubisoft last year at E3 said they have not forgotten Splinter Cell, and the event might be a way to gauge interest in the franchise.