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Weekend Warrior – To Eden's Gate We Go

by Joey Thurmond on Apr 06, 2018 at 07:00 PM

Far Cry 5 is on the minds of everyone in the Game Informer offices as of late, having us showcase the silliest things you can do in Hope County to dissecting how well it lands and executes on its themes. Some of us are on Detective Pikachu 's case as well to see how this odd spin-off fares. We've also got some family visiting us during this dreadfully cold weekend in Minnesota ... in April. Wasn't the worst of the subzero weather supposed to pass already? Either way, what are your plans for the weekend? Shoot down to the comments to let us know!

Kyle Hilliard (@KyleMHilliard) – I haven’t spent as much time with Far Cry 5 as I’d like, so I am hoping to fix that this weekend. Same goes for Ni no Kuni II. And Detective Pikachu. I’m also about halfway through The Last Jedi’s director’s commentary, which I hope to finish this weekend, as well. I basically just have a lot of things I need to finish.

Robbie Key (@RobbieKeyV) – I will be spending time with my lovely parents who are visiting me from Texas – and during what’s apparently one of the historically coldest weeks during this time frame in Minnesota. We will at least be going to Mall of America. Yes, the same Mall of America where Arnold Schwarzenegger tried to buy his son a Turbo Man. It’ll be each of our first times going, so that ought to be really fun.

Brian Shea (@BrianPShea) – I’m spending this weekend in scenic Hope County as I continue to work toward victory in Far Cry 5. The game is loads of fun now that I’m into the rhythm of the missions, and the world is beyond beautiful. I’m also looking forward to more Yakuza Kiwami, as well as plenty of Overwatch. Maybe I’ll finally dive into Sea of Thieves!

Joey Thurmond (@DrJoeystein) – I'm going to be finding a way out of life's mundane concerns to play A Way Out this weekend with a good friend of mine! I love Josef Fares' Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, so I'm looking forward to seeing how the storytelling and intriguing co-op ideas play out in the game. I've also got God of War: Ascension and Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide in the docket, but other than that, I'll also be spending time with my awesome sister, who's flying up to Minnesota to visit for the next few days. Oh, and I'm going to watch the Spyro The Dragon: Reignited Trilogy trailer a couple more times. Still need to let it sink in that my dream remaster is finally coming together.

Leo Vader (@leovader) – I’m back to silver rank in Siege and we’ll see if I have the stones to try and move up this weekend! If not, maaayyybe I’ll dip back into Far Cry 5, but that game became repetitive very quickly. I’d take 10% of that crazy amount of missions if there were more fun ways to accomplish them. Siege is perfect though, love you Ubisoft!!! Bye!!!

Suriel Vazquez (@SurielVazquez) – I’ll be going on a train for the first time this weekend, so figuring out how to get there before 8am without a car will be my favorite game this weekend! I’m also still working through the Curse of the Pharaohs DLC for Assassin’s Creed Origins, and I really like some of the weirder locations it sends you to, even if the mission design isn’t too great. Also, being on a train for eight hours should be a pretty good excuse to get some quality time in with Detective Pikachu. We’ll see if I take to it!