Microsoft Teams With Blizzard For Overwatch Events That Fans Can Attend

by Joey Thurmond on Apr 06, 2018 at 01:40 PM

With a game focused on such team-centric gameplay, it can often feel alienating to play Overwatch when toxicity creeps into trying to have a good time. However, rivalries and derision are far outnumbered by the friendships and passionate community that the groundbreaking multiplayer game has instigated. Instead of reserving these strong bonds for the online space alone, Microsoft has partnered with Blizzard Entertainment for community gatherings at Microsoft stores.

From April 19 to June 21, you can sign up to play in a series of Arcade matches involving Mystery Dual, Deathmatch, and much more every Thursday from 5:30 to 9:00 pm at local times. Trivia sessions and art activities will be provided as well. However, Flash Ops isn't just limited to Microsoft stores. Other participating retailers and universities will be hosting these events as well. The following universities will be screening the ongoing series in the Overwatch League in a partnership with esports organization Tespa.

  • 04/07 – Rochester Institute of Technology – Rochester, NY
  • 04/13 - Academy of Art University - San Francisco, CA
  • 04/20 – University of Connecticut – Storrs, CT
  • 04/26 – Rutgers University – Somerset, NJ
  • 05/05 – University of California Riverside – Riverside, CA
  • 05/19 – University of California Santa Barbara – Goleta, CA

Flash Ops will be expanding the scope and reach of its events in the future across the globe.

[Source: Microsoft and Blizzard]


Our Take
We love getting together with old and new friends on Overwatch, but nothing beats playing games together in-person. There's a camaraderie and excitement that can't be matched being in the middle of it all with others, so we imagine these Flash Ops sessions would be fun chances to meet potential friends.