Overwatch League All-Access Twitch Pass Grants Fans Exclusive Content

by Robbie Key on Apr 05, 2018 at 02:49 PM

If you somehow can't get enough Overwatch League teams entering arenas via Gangnam-Style gallops, then perhaps the All-Access Pass on Twitch can quench your thirst.

For the 2018 OWL season, the $29.99 pass is "an evolving VIP badge" that gives fans perks that include:

  • Overwatch League Command Center access, which allows fans to view different camera angles from in-game, backstage, and player perspectives with real-time stats
  • Behind-the-scenes videos on demand, which in Stage 3 will be pro player's analyzing matches
  • Participation in Match Day AMAs where questions can be submitted to pro players after broadcasts
  • OWL-inspired skins for each character, along with an OWL player icon and spray to be used in the game
  • Twenty-three emotes to use in a subscriber-only Twitch chat room
  • Wearable in game and Twitch chat badge

To give participants a taste of the All-Access pass, the first three listed incentives can be tried out for free until May 15.

This fan pass comes hot on the heels of Overwatch's newly announced PvE-focused Retribution event and the return of last year's Uprising event.


Our Take
Even though I love Overwatch, I'm of the mindset that I get more entertainment out of actually playing the game than watching others who far surpass my skills inadvertently reminding me how bad I am. However, if you're into Overwatch League's endless generator of excitement, this sounds like it could be a fun package, and it's nice that they are giving fans a chance to try it out.