Diablo's Deckard Cain Is Ready To School His Peers In Heroes Of The Storm

by Joey Thurmond on Apr 05, 2018 at 01:04 PM

During Blizzard's PAX East panel, the Heroes of the Storm team unwound the bindings and opened a new chapter for the MOBA title with the addition of Deckard Cain: a curious yet exciting addition to the game's ever-growing roster.

While the wizened scholar may lack speed and be of little use when silenced by enemies, his role as a melee support character makes him an invaluable asset to protect with his healing and stat-altering abilities. His passive ability Fortitude of the Faithful means that he is most effective when gathered near allies with more armor and faster recharge rates for his moves. He can send out up to five healing potions that can be upgraded (refilled after use and strengthened for more health). Ancient Blessings is another that gives area damage to allies' attacks and heals them for every hit they deal.

However, knowledge truly is Deckard's power since he uses spells like the Scroll of Sealing to root enemies in place and damage them. Horadric Cube slows enemies in a radius, whereas "Stay Awhile And Listen" briefly puts them to sleep. If enemies get to close, he can send out a flurry of books that damage and push back enemies.

Deckard will be available sometime later this month.

[Source: Heroes of the Storm on YouTube]


Our Take
Support characters are on a roll in Blizzard games, considering Overwatch recently got Brigitte. While Heroes of the Storm isn't my cup of tea, Deckard would easily be a top pick to keep my teammates on their feet. I've always loved these type of wise, scholarly characters in fantasy stories (like Gandalf or even Paarthurnax in Skyrim). If I could add any MOBA to my weekly game sessions, Heroes of The Storm would certainly be in the running.