Detective Pikachu Demo Progress Will Carry Over To Full Game

by Robbie Key on Apr 05, 2018 at 12:49 PM

If you have a desire to scratch that Detective Pikachu itch, Nintendo has a released a demo for the game on 3DS.

The demo takes players through the start of the game. Once players have finished trying out the crime-solving kinks, they can transfer their progress over to the full game upon purchase. If you buy the game between now and April 22, you can get a free Detective Pikachu 3DS theme for your system.

In our Detective Pikachu review, Ben Reeves says, "Despite its title, Detective Pikachu isn’t for people who like a good mystery ... Even so, Pikachu made a delightful Watson to my Holmes, full of genuine charm and laughs." Read Reeves' full thoughts here, or hear him talk about it on the Game Informer show here.

[Source: Nintendo]