Bungie Is Making Changes To Destiny 2's Weapon Loadout System

by Suriel Vazquez on Apr 05, 2018 at 06:02 PM

Although it just rolled out a major update to Destiny 2's gameplay with its recent 1.1.4 update, Bungie is far from done making major changes to its online shooter. Case in point: Players can expect a shakeup to the way their weapon slots work by the end of this summer.

As part of a recent Q&A with its community, Destiny 2 sandbox design lead Josh Hamrick made time to respond to a fan's question about the way Destiny 2 handled its weapon slots. "I really wish D2 weapons system returns to primary/special/heavy," the fan said. "It was better than the current one. Is my wish reasonable?

"You can expect weapon slot changes in the future of Destiny 2," Hamrick responded. "We are actively working on a new system right now and we will have more to show and tell this summer [sic]."

In Destiny, weapons were sorted into primary ("standard" weapons like assault rifles, pistols, and hand cannons), special weapons (more powerful weapons like shotguns and sniper rifles), and heavy (machine guns and rocket launchers). In Destiny 2, this changed to kinetic (weapons without elemental damage), energy (weapons with elemental damage), and power (shotguns, sniper rifles, rocket launchers, etc.).

This essentially bundled to weapon types previously split across two slots into one, while letting players wield two "standard" weapons into battle. This let players be more reactive and make split-second decisions about what gun to use at what range, but many players have felt the new system prevents some weapons from getting attention (sniper rifles, for example, are nowhere near as popular as rocket launchers).

There are a number of other interesting details in Bungie's responses, so if you want to dive into more details about the company's plans for Destiny 2's feature, make sure to read it in full.

[Source: Bungie]


Our Take
As someone who spent dozens of hours in Destiny 2 last year but has fizzled out since then, changes to weapon slots, match speed, and more have me excited to return at some point. But I think I'll wait for a major content drop before diving back in.