Latest Fortnite Update Adds Vending Machines, First-Shot Gun Accuracy

by Suriel Vazquez on Apr 04, 2018 at 10:52 AM

If you were wandering Fortnite's Battle Royale island with excess resources to use, worry not! You can now spend those hard-earned wood stacks more easily.

Fortnite's V3.4 update scatters vending machines all throughout the island in the Battle Royale Mode, each of which offers three random deals on items of varying rarity players can purchase with one of the three materials (wood, stone, and metal). Items will cost between 100 and 500 materials (depending on the rarity), and will cycle at regular intervals. If you'd like these machines to cycle a little faster, you can wack 'em with your pickaxe.

Additionally, 3.4 finally adds first-shot accuracy for many weapons, including submachine guns, pistols, assault rifles, revolvers, and hand cannons. If a weapon hasn't been fired for a little while, its first shot will be 100-percent accurate. 

The mode also gets the v2 of the High Explosives item, which Epic promises will make "for even more 'splosions."

Also in this update is the Easter Egg Launcher for the "Save the World" mode (the base, paid game in Fortnite), which might be a little late, but is still nice to see.

Finally, Epic announced they will be implementing future updates much more smoothly, adding content without the need for players to update their game. "This new cadence allows us to iron out more complex bugs, while continuing to provide fun content every week."

There are a number of other minor adjustments in the 3.4 patch, so make sure to read the full patch notes.

[Source: Fortnite official blog]


Our Take
Vending machines should help players who huddle up all their resources, which will hopefully matches more exciting.