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Rocket League On Switch Adds Different Options For Performance Vs. Quality

by Imran Khan on Apr 03, 2018 at 06:15 PM

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Psyonix has added a Quality Mode to Rocket League on Switch, bumping the resolution up with added effects at the cost of framerate.

At launch, the focus was getting Rocket League running at 60 FPS, which dynamically changed the resolution from 720p to 576p, usually being on the higher side when docked and the lower side in handheld mode. Now, the choice is left to the players between performance mode and quality mode.

In performance mode, the resolution is 900p when docked, 720p in handheld, and 60 FPS. There is some dynamic resolution scaling to keep the framerate up, but Psyonix describes it as infrequent. Quality mode bumps the docked resolution up to 1080p, 720p handheld, and 30 FPS. The trade off here is getting more and better visual effects during the game, like lensflare, dynamic shadows, depth of field, and more.

The new update also adds video capture using the Switch's capture button.

[Source: Psyonix Patch Notes]


Our Take
More options are good, but I feel like 60 FPS would be my preferred way to play the game, so hopefully it still looks good.