Mysterious Comet Appears In Fortnite: Battle Royale Skies

by Imran Khan on Apr 01, 2018 at 05:43 PM

For the last few days, a comet has appeared in the skies above Fortnite: Battle Royale and players have started speculating what it could possibly mean.

Fans first started noticing the comet, seen most easily over Tilted Towers, as early as March 29. It was originally thought to lead to an April Fool's joke, but as April 1 passed with nary a mention from Epic about the subject or payoff in the game, the speculation machine spun up again as players have tried to figure out why.

The Fortnite subreddit has been a flurry of conspiracy theories all day centered around Tilted Towers being hit by the comet. Some people have assured themselves it will happen today, others are hoping for a World of Warcraft-style cataclysm event that changes the map entirely. Others are tempering their expectations and believe that the comet merely portends the end of the third season that started in February.

One Redditor even pulled the asset out of the source files to confirm its existence.

To make matters more confusing, around the same time as the comet's appearance, a low intermittent rumbling started affecting controllers. Fortnite's twitter account said this was a bug, but a Redditor translated the rumblings into Morse code and discovered that it works out to "SOS D 5 418," which only lead to more speculation.

If the 418 refers to April 2018, it seems likely we'll find out what this comet means before too long. Epic has not responded to questions about the comet.


Our Take
I love little things like this where stuff just appears in the game world and they never explain it. Hopefully it's indicating some cool space stuff coming soon.