Counter-Strike Caster Uses Racial Slur During Birthday Stream

by Suriel Vazquez on Mar 31, 2018 at 03:19 PM

During a livestream celebrating his 29th birthday, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive commentator Matthew "Sadokist" Trivett, uttered a racial slur in a fit of gaming-related braggadocio.

While playing PlayerUnkown's Battlegrounds, Trivett went into a pumped-up rant about his own skill in esports, eventually using a slur. The archive of the stream has since been taken down. We caution that the video uses strong derogatory language, but you can find another archive of the video here.

In a subsequent "Ask me anything," segment following the stream, Dot Esports reports Trivett mentioned he had been drinking during the stream (the tweet has since been deleted). However, he also lashed out against Counter-Strike community members who upset him, asking them to commit suicide. We once again advise that these videos use strong language regarding suicide. You can find an instance of Trevitt doing this here.

Trevitt has since deleted all of his archived streams, but has not made a public statement on the matter as of this writing. Trivett's outburst is another in a recent series of prominent Twitch and esports personalities using slurs and offensive language. Recently, Twitch's biggest star, Ninja, had his own incident, and pro Overwatch player Felix "xQc" Lengyel had one of his own, which Trivett publicly denounced at the time.


Our Take
No matter the context, using racial slurs of any kind in public is not okay, and telling people to kill themselves is just as terrible. Even if when they're used offhandedly, this type of language can be harmful to people of the receiving end, even if they're not the intended target. And seeing how many people have had major public incidents that have affected their careers, you'd think any popular figure in gaming would watch what they say, both because of how unnecessary this kind of language is and because of the PR nightmare that follows.